Tuesday, March 15, 2016

hamilton book tag!

i gotta start off by saying this: if you haven't listened to the hamilton soundtrack yet, go. stop reading this and go listen to it RIGHT NOW. it is beautiful and heartbreaking and is just INCREDIBLE. if you need suggestions, listen to satisfied, non stop, it's quiet uptown, who lives who dies who tells your story, stay alive, and burn. come back to this post once you've listened to those! ;)

*note- if at any point a spoiler is included, it will say something like 'name of tag (SPOILER)'


the room where it happened // book you would put yourself into

harry potter of course! "whether you come back by page or by the big screen, hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home." i mean, who wouldn't want to go to hogwarts? giant feasts, quidditch matches, learning magic, wearing a robe, casting spells, hogsmeade & diagon alley visits, riding broomsticks, drinking butterbeer... hasta la vista high school!

the schuyler sisters // female character who is underrated

although there are many i could name who don't get the credit they deserve, i definitely think charlotte branwell from the infernal devices is way too underrated! which makes me sad because she is one of my favorite characters from the series. she is almost always underestimated by the clave just because she is a girl. despite her age and size, she is a strong, intelligent, determined woman who will fight for what she believes in!

my shot // character who goes after what they want (SPOILERS)

aelin ashryver galathynius! honestly the toughest character i've ever read about. even after her parents' murder, going through arobynn, losing loved ones, endovier camps, fighting to become the king's champion, battling valg demons, AND killing the king,   she remains standing with her head held high and will NEVER back down.

stay alive // character you wish was still alive (SPOILERS)

shade barrow from red queen/glass sword! i can't even begin to explain. shade was instantly my favorite when i picked up glass sword and i was devastated when he died. although, i did wonder this: what is the point of making us think he is dead, then revealing he is still alive, just to kill him off (for real this time!) this was the one thing i hated about glass sword. plus, can you imagine how far he could've come as a character? how much his ability would help EVERYONE? anyways, before i rant about this for too long... 

burn // devastating relationship (SPOILERS) 

june and day from legend! that ending of champion tore my heart apart. *sobs* i couldn't even imagine what i would do in that situation.

you'll be back // sassiest villain

does rhysand from ACOTAR count? because if so, then definitely him. tbh i ship him and feyre more than feyre and tamlin. he kind of reminds me of will herondale with the mysterious-bad-boy-vibe. and you can't forget about the black hair-blue eyes combo. they always tend to have a sassy temper.

the reynolds pamphlet // book with a twist you didn't see coming (SPOILERS)

i know, i know, this is technically a pic of S&S, but it was the only decent one i had that ruin and rising was even in. it is the third book in the grisha trilogy. i had no clue that that would be the third amplifier... i gotta say, i never in a million years could've seen that coming.

non stop // series you marathoned

the lunar chronicles! i think i read cinder in 2 days, scarlet in 2, cress in 4, fairest in 1, winter in 4, and stars above in 4! it took awhile, but it was surely worth it!

satisfied // book with multiple points of view

kaz. inej. nina. matthias. wylan. jesper. need i say more? six of crows has 5 POVs (i think?) and i thought it would get confusing, but OH MY. it was amazing and i'm pretty sure i read it for 6 hours straight one night.

who lives who dies who tells your story // book that will go down in history

i don't want to be cliche with this answer, but i truly think that harry potter has and will continue to go down in book history. it is such an incredible, inspiring story that has touched the lives of millions (including me) and i think it is honestly one of the best series this world will ever read.

// so that is the end of the original hamilton book tag... BUT WAIT! i read alexandra's (twirlingpages) hamilton book tag earlier and saw that she added a few of her own, so i decided to do them as well! so without further ado...

helpless // a relationship you were pulling with from the start

oh man, there's a lot. some major ones for me are probably kaz x inej (six of crows), june x day (legend), and kady x ezra (illuminae). they were such opposites, and i tend to ship people like that MUCH more than those who are more alike.

what comes next // a series you wish had more books

the lunar chronicles! i was very pleased with the endings of winter and stars above, but I STILL WANT MORE. i'd love to get a sequel that tells us about what the crew does after the wedding, the adventures they go on, etc.

right hand man // favorite brotp

jemandwilljemandwilljemandwill. forever and always. these two are the definition of friendship/parabatai goals. the amount of love they have for each other and how much they care for one another makes me want a friendship like that! 

wait for it // most anticipated upcoming release

there's quite a few: harry potter and the cursed child, heartless, empire of storms, a court of mist and fury, crooked kingdom, gemina, and a torch against the night, and many more!

it's quiet uptown // book or series that put you in a book hangover

everything you see pictured here. these books are my favorites and definitely left me with the feels.

voila! that is my hamilton book tag! thanks for reading, sorry it was so long! if you've done this tag, please let me know! i'd love to read yours! :)


  1. HAMILTON! i definitely agree with most, if not all, of your responses. great post!! <3

  2. I really need to listen to Hamilton already! I just keep seeing so much about it everywhere! Great tag!

    1. thank you so much! and yes you MUST listen to at least one song! its amazing! :) (satisfied and non stop are my favorites!)

  3. So I have NEVER listend to Hamilton. *hides* XD I probably should fix that because I hear about it EVERYWHERE these days. hehe. ;D
    And omg I love Charlotte too! She was so amazing...probably one of my top favourite characters in that series. And Rhysand is SO sassy YES. I could handle a book completely just about him. :P

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. its okay! i know a lots of people who haven't listened to it yet, but i HIGHLY recommend it :D (satisfied and non stop are my favs!) and YES i would love a whole book about him! we'll have to see whats in store for ACOMAF! last but not least, charlotte was one of my favorites too! i feel like she doesn't get the credit she deserves!