Thursday, April 14, 2016

discussion: black hair, blue eyes, and sarcasm

i don't know if its just me, but every once in awhile, i'll read about a male character who is instantly my favorite from beginning to end. then, i realized they all have three things in common: dark hair, (most of the time) pretty eyes, and either a sarcastic-like temper or a sweetheart-like temper. i didn't realize the trend until i'd seen it in multiple books i was reading. so, here are the two things up for discussion:
1) other than hair, eyes, and temper, what else do they have in common?
2) what makes us love them so much?

if you have never read a book that has this type of character, all i gotta say is:

first, lets start off by listing some characters with these traits:

-will herondale / infernal devices 
-maven / red queen 
-baz / carry on 
-the darkling / the grisha trilogy 

the immediate thing i notice about these characters are that they all have a mysterious/dark aura to them. they're more the bad-boy type, and usually are troublemakers. honestly, in real life, this is sooo not my type. but for some reason, these characters are instant favorites in books. why is that? i really don't know.

besides (usually) being the mischievous ones, each one of them cares about those who surround them. though they may not show it, deep down, they all have a spot in their hearts for their special someone. whether it be family, friends, anyone

while there are those with the sarcastic temper, there are also those who are total sweethearts, like little puppy dogs. lets list a few:

-alec lightwood / mortal instruments
-dorian havilliard / throne of glass 
-oliver / off the page

what is the first thing that comes to mind reading these names? definitely not mischievous. more like kind, loyal, caring, lovable. they never seem suspicious, hide their feelings, anything like the ones discussed earlier.

now for the real question: WHY do we love them so much?

the sassy ones: these guys ALWAYS add humor to the book, which i absolutely love! there has been multiple times where i will literally laugh out loud while reading because of something they said.

the sweethearts: every book needs a lovable character. they're the ones you can always depend on, the ones who are always loyal. what would a book be without its lovable characters? i wouldn't want to read a book without one. imagine reading a book and hating every character. *cringes*

anyways, you've heard enough from me. lets hear what some others have to say! i asked the people of twitter and instagram their thoughts, and these were the responses:

so that wraps up this discussion! who is your favorite character with these traits, and why? let me know in the comments! :)


  1. How did I miss this?! Truest thing I've read!! Honestly, you should be like a book psychologist and if that's not a thing then you should make it a thing ahaha

    1. right? idk why i'm so attracted to these characters XD and omg thank you so much ale! i would totally be one if it were a thing!

  2. i do love bad boys! they're just more fun and badass in my opinion. but i also love the typical boy next door because they're just really precious and need to be protected at all cost. a little bit of both won't hurt right? ;) great post!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. a little bit of both would be perfect! ;) and thank you!