Monday, February 1, 2016

fifty bookish confessions


hey everyone! the other day, i saw this post on princessicaofbooks's blog (click here to view her post!) and decided to try it out myself!

1) i have a really hard time reading non fiction and historical fiction, i find most of them really boring
2) fantasy books take up 80% of my shelf
3) the other 20% is full of contemporary books
4) i didn't really like divergent, these broken stars, or eleanor and park... i think they're a bit overhyped
5) i don't like most of the books we have to read for school 
6) although i read a lot, my worst subject in school is english and i'm a terrible writer
7) i didn't read harry potter / watch the movies / join the fandom until last year (2015)
8) it took me 30 days to read the entire harry potter series
9) i've never read a book via audiobook
10) i really want to meet my favorite authors (you can see who they are here!) and get my books signed by them
11) hopefully i'll get the chance to when i go to bookcon in may! anyone else going to bookcon?
12) i am extremely picky when it comes to the condition a book is in when i'm buying them
13) i offer to let people borrow my books but i never really want to lend them out because i have trust issues 
14) awhile ago, i lent clockwork angel (one of my favorite books) to my friend, and she spilled hot chocolate on it, bent the corners, and cracked the spine... i didn't really know what to say 
15) i've bought books before just because the cover was pretty
16) my goal is to read 100 books this year but that will most likely not happen
17) i really really liked the maze runner series and red queen (a lot of people seem to hate these books...?)
18) i have never read a book by rick riordan
19) my room is 50% books, 30% bookish merch, and 20% other stuff
20) i love will herondale (but who doesn't?)
21) i didn't like the mortal instruments near as much as the infernal devices
22) whenever i pick up a new book, i turn to the last page to see how many pages the book has and 90% of the time i accidentally read the last sentence and spoil the book for myself
23) i didn't really like any of john green's books except tfios
24) i plan out monthly TBRs but never actually read most of the books on them
25) the hunger games was my first fandom
26) i was kinda disappointed in the mockingjay part 2 movie, i expected it to be better :/
27) i've only ever not finished 2 books, allegiant and an abundance of katherines
28) i like the old infernal devices and mortal instruments covers better than the new ones
29) some of my favorite series are harry potter, the lunar chronicles, throne of glass, and the infernal devices
30) i'm the only one in my family who likes to read
31) but i am forcing my brother to read percy jackson
32) i always bring books on planes and car rides but never end up reading them because i can't focus
33) i can't listen to music and read at the same time (a lot of people seem to be able to do this?)
34) i pre-order most of my books (pre order goodies are the best!)
35) the song "halo" by beyonce is literally will herondale's song to tessa gray (thats the way i see it, seriously go listen to it. you'll see.)
36) i prefer paperback over hardcover, but i like the look of hardcover better 
37) i like my series to match #OCD (meaning all the books in the series are HC or all are paperback, not some of each) 
38) ^ sadly, not all of my series match 
39) i used to organize my books by color, but now i organize them by series and by size
40) my heart rate has gone up before because of a book (cough cough QUEEN OF SHADOWS. thanks, sarah.)
41) my bookshelves are an unorganized mess right now
42) i still haven't seen paper towns (i've read the book though)
43) the scorch trials and catching fire are my favorite movies
44) i currently have 172 books (these are most of them below!)

45) of those, i have read about 80
46) if i read a really good book, once i'm finished i immediately search it on every media known (mainly tumblr though bc character aesthetics)
47) in july of 2015, i preordered a ton of books so now at least once a month a book will show up on my doorstep
48) i really wanna get an owlcrate subscription
49) none of my friends irl know i have a blog & bookstagram oops
50) the lunar chronicles are life and if you haven't read them you really should

so those are my 50 bookish confessions! what is one of your bookish confessions? 


  1. We're exactly the same! I read Landline this month and didn't end up liking it as much as everyone else. I'm a little hesitant now to read Eleanor and Park. I've also never read a book via audiobook – I need to read the words myself to properly understand and remember what is going on. I'm also going to BookCon!!! At least I'm 90% sure I'm going �� I haven't read Rick Riordan OR John Green. I'm not that into contemporary so I'll probably never read John Green, but I'm hoping to read the Percy Jackson books sometime this year! I never follow TBRs either and I can't read in the car because I get carsick :(

    1. wow we are a lot alike! and yay, you're the first person i've met who is going to bookcon! i'm not a huge fan of john green, but i am hoping to read percy jackson this year as well!

  2. I always do number 13! I say someone can borrow a book but I'm only really doing it to be polite. Luckily none of the people I've lent books to have come back in quite as bad condition as your friend with Clockwork Angel. I loved Red Queen too (how did people hate it so much!?) and I can't wait for Glass Sword.
    A few other random thing I thought whilst reading this: your bookshelves look so pretty! I really want an owlcrate subscription too! And I haven't read The Lunar Chronicals yet *hides* - I will soon I promise!
    Happy reading!
    Just BTW, unless your saying you actually have OCD you really shouldn't be using it in such a casual way. : )

    1. ahh yay i can't wait for you to read the lunar chronicles! and i'm so sorry, i often forget that people have real ocd because its used way too casually around my friends :( i'm so sorry! and also meant to say, i keep trying to comment on your blog but for some reason it won't let me! i'm trying to get that fixed though :)

  3. It's fine seriously! You seem like a really nice person and you obviously weren't saying it to be spiteful. Thanks for trying to comment even if it's not working. I'm still fairly new to blogging myself so I have no idea if everything is working as it should be! Keep up with the great posts! : )

    1. thank you so much! :) ill for sure be commenting on you me blog & reading more posts once i can fix it!

  4. i needed to make the amount of comments on this post even oops