Saturday, February 13, 2016

the stages of persuading your friends to read a book you like


stage 1: persuading them to actually read the book

for me, this is probably the hardest part. i have literally FOUR friends who actually enjoy reading. FOUR. 

stage 2: them finally realizing that reading is fun

i forced my friend to read the infernal devices and she's liking it so far so i guess i'm accomplishing something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

stage 3: getting to say "told you so."

"admit it, i'm amazing. what would you have done without that book?"

stage 4: seeing their reactions while reading

all of my friends text-rant, and let me just say, their reactions are in all caps and downright hilarious

stage 5: if a character they've come to love died

just when they think nothing else could possibly go wrong... >:)

stage 6: once they finish the book

admit it, we've all done this.

my friend is currently reading the infernal devices trilogy (she's on clockwork princess *sobs*) so thats where the inspiration for this post came from! what are some of the stages you go through to get your friend to read a book?


  1. These are so true! I have a few friends who read a lot and when I recommend them books they normally just sort of say 'OK when I've read the other books on my already massive TBR'. After a few weeks or whatever they'll start reading it and message me demanding to know why I didn't force them to read it sooner. I can't win! : ) x

    1. exactly! i finally forced my brother to read harry potter and he was like "wow, this is actually really good." i was like I TOLD YOU SO!

  2. Oh how I wish I had friend's that actually read more than a few books s year. I will recommend a book and they will very, very rarely read it! I have managed to get my mum to read some of my recommendations and it's honestly a bit nerve racking, because some times she loves them and sometimes she hates them, she doesn't seem to have a 'like' setting for my book recommendations :)

    1. i have one specific friend who recommends 50% of the books i read! I'm always scared that one day ill get one i don't like and i won't know how to respond!